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The Rise of Digital Art in 2024's Commercial Real Estate and Digital Signage Landscape

Updated: Feb 8

A guide to preparing for a digital art installation

In the ever-evolving realm of commercial real estate and digital signage, the unmistakable exploration of digital art is evident. As we begin to truly understand the pivotal role that digital art is set to play in 2024 and beyond, three fundamental considerations will guide us through the exciting landscape of this transformative trend.

1. Art Curation

Art curation serves as the cornerstone of any successful integration of digital art into commercial projects. The first step involves addressing a critical question – do you have the right curatorial focus for the space? In the intricate world of digital art, understanding the nuances and preferences of your client is paramount.

To delve into this aspect, collaborating with a digital art advisor, curator, or utilizing platforms like Blackdove can provide invaluable insights. These experts can help decipher the client's aesthetic preferences, guiding you towards digital art pieces that resonate with the overall theme and purpose of the commercial space. Whether it's immersive installations, dynamic displays, or interactive experiences, the curatorial focus sets the tone for a captivating and harmonious integration of digital art that makes an impact for your client and their clients.

2. Technology Integration

The second key consideration involves the integration of digital art technology – a multifaceted decision that encompasses media players and display technologies. 

For stand-alone installations, commercial displays with 24/7 operations and local hard drives become essential components. These robust displays ensure longevity and seamless performance, crucial in high-traffic areas where commercial real estate and digital signage intersect. For a deeper dive into the world of digital art technology, emerges as a valuable resource, offering insights into media players, display technologies, and best practices for a seamless integration process. They also work with commercial clients on custom installations at sizes larger than 96" to seamlessly fit spaces.

3. Pricing

As we navigate the realms of digital art in commercial projects, understanding the pricing landscape becomes the final cornerstone. The third consideration revolves around whether your client seeks: a bespoke commission, a license or art rental, or is more inclined towards a subscription model offering a constantly evolving catalog of digital art which provides a dynamic, ever-changing visual landscape that can be particularly appealing in dynamic environments.

With a variety of options that companies like Blackdove strategically offer, it's easy to tailor the pricing in order to align with the client's preferences and budgetary considerations. The bespoke commission route offers exclusivity and personalized touch, while subscriptions .


These three considerations intertwine to shape a narrative of innovation and aesthetics within the realms of commercial real estate and digital signage. The fusion of art curation, technology integration, and pricing strategy paves the way for a seamless transition into a future where digital art takes center stage.

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