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Blackdove Selected as the Technology Platform for Art Dubai Digital

Art Dubai Digital has selected Blackdove as the exclusive software and display provider for their fair, which will be held from March 1 to 3, 2024. Over 25 galleries, 90 artist presentations, and 500 artworks will be displayed in this section.

Blackdove’s industry-leading technology platform enables artists, galleries, and collectors to view and manage their digital art. At Art Dubai Digital, the ‘Gallery’ and ‘Collector’ features allow multiple works of art to be displayed on a single high-quality screen.

Collectors visiting the fair can purchase the same digital canvases showcased at gallery booths for installation in their homes or offices directly from the galleries and fulfilled by Blackdove. Artwork purchased at the fair will be included in the installation, including software for collection management."

Blackdove at Art Dubai - Artist Beryl Bilici
Blackdove at Art Dubai - Artist Beryl Bilici

Collectors visiting the fair can download the Blackdove app and purchase a digital art display, which is immediately available to stream from the app and can be installed in their home or office. As digital art is increasingly in demand, high-quality collector installations are becoming commonplace. Blackdove’s global dealer network and software have completed over 1,000 installations of digital art globally. Clients with Blackdove installed in their homes can browse, manage, and display digital art from a growing roster of top digital art galleries and artists.

“Art Dubai Digital is the first and only section of its kind dedicated to digital art at any international fair. Unlike traditional gallery installations, the digital art experience and display demand a different set of technical requirements that are new to the industry. We are proud to partner with Blackdove, who are industry pioneers,” said Benedetta Ghione, Art Dubai Executive Director.

“Delivering the absolute best digital art display experience for galleries and collectors is our mission. We are thrilled to be selected by the Art Dubai organization to support their leadership in the digital art industry. Art Dubai Digital has quickly become a must-stop for digital artists and collectors,” said Marc Billings, Blackdove CEO.


Art Dubai Digital explores the intersection of art and advanced technologies in order to expand our understanding of contemporary culture. In 2024, the section will be curated by Auronda Scalera and Alfredo Cramerotti, founders of Multiplicity-XXNFT, a platform that promotes female and underrepresented artists in the digital space. Continuing their investigation of new tendencies in digital arts, AI, AR and VR, they will present Art Dubai Digital through the lens of advanced technologies and offer possible approaches for the future of art and its perception.


The company, based in Miami, Florida, has been exclusively focused on the high-end digital art market. Blackdove has worked with artists such as Refik Anadol, Maxim Zhestkov, and a broader list of over 500 digital artists. Installations have been managed for art fairs including Untitled, Scope, Art Miami, and Red Dot. Recently, Blackdove expanded its art fair and exhibition management business to meet market demand. Customers interested in having a digital canvas installed in their home, please visit and to browse and select hardware and installation services.

For information related to this release please contact Ellyse Trethric 

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