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Blackdove Dealer Program Unleashes the Power of Digital Art Installations

Updated: Feb 12

Blackdove, the global leader in digital art streaming, today announced the formal launch of its Blackdove Dealer Program for the Audio Visual integrator community. Recognizing the escalating demand for digital art in both commercial and residential settings, Blackdove is making its mark by extending access to its cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) platform through a network of commercial dealers with a program that supports easy onboarding with excellent support from the Blackdove team.

The Blackdove streaming service boasts an extensive collection of over 20,000 digital art pieces from over 550 artists.

While digital art was once exclusive to galleries, Blackdove is democratizing access to this captivating form of artistic expression. 

Marc Billings, CEO of Blackdove, expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic move, stating, "As demand for digital art installations continues to expand, we are proud to extend access to both sales and catalog distribution through the AV and Digital Signage Channels. This empowers AV sales teams to bundle captivating content alongside display sales, opening up new possibilities for artistic collaborations in commercial spaces.”

As we start 2024 Blackdove is thrilled to be able to award Platinum Partner status to 4 key partners following their success in 2023. These are: in the USA - Centurion LV, and in Europe- IdeaworksKnowledge Visual Technology, and Leinfelder Holt.

Mike Pyle from Centurion LV shared the following: "We have seen fantastic success offering digital art to our private clients, as well as our corporate clients, where the digital art provides an inspiring balance to the corporate marketing content.”

The responsibility of Blackdove’s  Chief Sales Officer, Damon Crowhurst, this focused Channel Program is designed to enable AV Dealers to benefit from the growing demand for fresh content that is affordable, vibrant and inspiring. “Dealers partnering with Blackdove are not just selling displays; they are curating immersive experiences that transcend traditional boundaries. 

This program complements the recently announced availability of the Blackdove Web App than enables easy integration to third party Digital signage CMS solutions like Evexi.

For more information about the Blackdove Dealer Program and how to become a part of this transformative journey, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page or email

About Blackdove:

Blackdove is a globally recognized digital art company that pioneers the integration of digital art into commercial and residential spaces. With a vast collection of high-quality digital artworks available through its SaaS platform, Blackdove is at the forefront of redefining the way we experience and engage with art in the digital age.

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