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Art Dubai 2024 Recap

Auronda Scalera and Alfredo Cramerotti, founders of Multiplicity-XXNFT & Art Dubai Curators
Auronda Scalera and Alfredo Cramerotti, founders of Multiplicity-XXNFT

Art Dubai 2024 proved to be a resounding success, not only for the fair itself but also for Blackdove, which played a pivotal role as a technical partner for the digital art fair. Here's a comprehensive summary of the event:


Blackdove's participation as a technical partner for Art Dubai showcased the company's capacity to bridge the gap in the market for high-quality digital art installations in physical spaces. Although the market for limited edition digital art is still emerging, the success at Art Dubai suggests promising prospects for Blackdove's subscription and licensing model. The event affirmed Blackdove's ability to execute projects at the highest level, demonstrating seamless technology deployment throughout the show.

Ellen Sheidlina giving a masterclass on warmth and compassion in art
Ellen Sheidlina giving a masterclass on warmth and compassion in art

The Details:

  • Blackdove serviced half of the twenty-eight galleries at Art Dubai, deploying over 50 LG displays equipped with their software.

  • Local partner, Almoe managed all aspects of display deployment, including purchasing, installation, technical setup, and removal.

  • Galleries were provided with an e-commerce landing page for placing orders, online instructions for artwork upload, and a link to download the mobile application for on-site management.

  • Blackdove's technology functioned flawlessly, overseeing the exhibition without any reported issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blackdove secured business from the top four galleries, with several others expressing interest.

  • Notable clients, such as HOFA Gallery from London and Bitforms Gallery, have initiated major installations and technical integrations with Blackdove.

  • Global digital art collector 1-of-1 from Switzerland and Gallery Immaterial are among the clients moving forward with Blackdove for future exhibitions.

  • Collaborations with galleries like Hilton Contemporary from Chicago and Morrow Collective demonstrate Blackdove's growing presence and influence in the art world.

  • Positive feedback from fair directors underscores Blackdove's significant contribution to the success of Art Dubai 2024.

Sharing digital canvas advancements at Art Dubai

Market Opportunities:

  • Art Dubai serves as a springboard for Blackdove's expansion in the UAE market, fostering valuable personal relationships and laying the groundwork for future growth.

  • The UAE's conducive business environment, characterized by innovation and a vibrant cryptocurrency community, presents ample opportunities for Blackdove's continued development and success.

Case Study: Art Dubai Digital

  • Over the years, Blackdove's involvement in Art Dubai has evolved from managing small exhibitions to providing comprehensive technical solutions for the fair.

  • Key improvements for future editions include ensuring the correct display models, extending the preparation timeline, streamlining artwork uploads, enhancing Blackdove's branding presence, and implementing frames for all displays to optimize the viewer experience.

Art Dubai 2024 sponsor lineup

Overall, Art Dubai 2024 marked a significant milestone for Blackdove, showcasing its technological prowess and establishing a strong foothold in the digital art market.

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