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Interior Designers

Interested in understanding how digital art and digital canvases can play a pivotal role in the the new wave of home and commercial design?


Here at Blackdove, we offer a new revenue stream for Interior Designers.

"The newest addition to interior design is here."

Modern home with Blackdove art installed on a digital canvas

Dynamic Space

With Blackdove, you have one canvas and endless art in each living or working space you designing.
Space has always been an issue for art collectors and now you can have multiple pieces of art or collections play on intentional loops that harness interest for the environments you create.

Set Your Design Brand Apart

Blackdove gives your clients the ability to cultivate their own emotional journeys with the click of a button. By creating collections from over 20,000 pieces of digital art on our platform, or by adding their own, they can match artwork to any style, mood, event, or color scheme. 

One Canvas,
Endless Art

Digital canvases never need to be moved. It's never been easier to make people feel at home or comfortable in a home, travel, event, or work environment.

Book A Consultation

Embark on an extraordinary digital art journey by booking a consultation with our team of experts.  Our team will guide you from display technology selection through art curatorial and installation to assure that your project is successful.  


Our work with architects, designers, and the AV community is foundational for our success. 

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