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Stream Art To Any Smart TV

Blackdove mobile app

5000+ Digital Artworks

Blackdove as curated over 500 of the best high-end digital artists in the world with a focus in providing not only incredible and widely varied art, but art that is also 4K quality.


No matter where you plan to stream your art Purchases, Subscriptions, or Collections from, you will always view each pixel in impeccable quality.

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Explore the Blackdove App for an Enhanced Art Journey!

Elevate your artistic adventure with the perfect canvas companion. Our app seamlessly integrates with a variety of iOS and Android devices, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all art enthusiasts. Download now and unlock a world of possibilities to enhance your creative exploration!

Step 1: Download the App
Step 2: Pair your Smart TV or Digital Canvas
Step 3: Play over 5,000 works of art instantly

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NFT Wallet Pairing

Collector Features

Collecting digital artwork is a revolutionary stride in the way art collectors can expand their passions and interests in a fast growing art form. 

It was important to cater to new and experienced collectors by creating an easy to use interface that allows you to quickly manage your art experiences how you want.

Premium Displays for Digital Art

Browse a pre-curated list of top displays from global manufacturers available for ordering and installation globally.

Working with the Best Clients and Partners

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"Blackdove's technical expertise in the display of digital art was critical for our success in our three-time renewing exhibition of Marco Brambilla's Heaven's Gate.  Our three-year installation ran seamlessly.  I highly recommend their team."

Jay Ore
Exhibition Manager, Perez Art Museum. 


Artist: Refik Anadol
PAMM Brambilla.jpeg

Perez Art Museum

Artist: Marco Brambilla

Las Vegas Private Home

Artist: 404 Zero

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